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Hurghada Egypt for Trading and Industrial Company




1. Hurghada Egypt for Trading and Industry Company


 IS the natural outcome to a group of companies that their objectives are focused on trading and industrial activities., the first company in the group was founded in 1983 under the name El Garhy for Trading and Construction company (a Limited Liability Company).


That was followed by incorporating several other companies in the group during the last 30 years according to the diversity and the need to develop and expand of  the group activities and according to the growth and Capital increases.


2. Brief profile of the company


Commercial name: Hurgada Egypt for Trading and Industrial Company


Legal structure: Shareholding company.




Authorized Capital: 100 million Egyptian Pound.


Issued Capital: 10 million Egyptian Pound.


Paid-Up: Capital: 10 million Egyptian Pound.


4. Company main office: Giza governorate. 6 of October City,


City Stars Towers – Central access


Tower number 7


Floor 6 number. Office number 5




6 of October warehouse


Al Qusier Warehouse.


Marsa Alam Warehouse.




Company activities:


Company activities covers several core activities in addition to other derivatives  which is considered seasonal and occasional.


1 - Main activities


a.       Importation of steel and steel raw materials for construction, importation activities is mainly from Turkey and Ukraine as their prices are considered to be competitive in the Egyptian local market in addition their quality is mist appealing to the Egyptian consumers. The company imports 5000 Tons Monthly with a target to increase quantities to 10,000 Tons by the end of 2015.


b.      Export activities


Covers export of Steel and Iron waste from Egypt to China, Japan and Korea. Chinese market is considered to be the largest for our business as it acquires the largest share which is about 10,000 tons monthly.


Encompasses  Mill Scals which results from heating Iron and steel products.


Coxide pellet Fenes, the residual that comes out of warehouses and shipping vessels to heating ovens in its first stage.


c.       Importation of Wood from both Russia and Ukraine on behalf of other customers as the company does not distribute woods in the local market.


d.      Importation of vehicles Tiers (both sedan and trucks) from China, Dubai free zone and Germany.


e.      Importation of cotton products for domestic usage (bed sheets, towels, and kitchen towels) such activity is carried out in Milan and Athens through company branches in these cities as the company does not assume such activity in the local market.


f.        Importation of Electrical and house hold equipment, it is not a main activity for the company, and however the company imports diverse shipments from abroad and sells it on a whole sales basis to its customers. such activity is carried out mainly from Italy. There is a plan to expand to import from other countries during 2016.


g.       Importation and exclusive franchising for a new product from Egypt in the Kingdom of Jordan, this product is a tobacco that has 0% of Nicotine and it is made of natural herbs imported from China with different flavors i.e. cheery and Mint.


It is planned to manufacture such product in Egypt by 2016 and and have exclusive right to sell and distribute in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates


As for the industrial activity it will mainly focus on recycling the different waste tires to extract some products that will be used in the manufacturing of steel wires included in the tires and rubber sheets extracted at different sizes according to manufacturing needs. This activity will be done in the local market and Germany.


For inquiries about company activities please contact:

Mr. Maher El Garhy


Cell phone: +201003101300 and  +201067770000

Khaled El Garhy:


Cell phone: +20102610013

Azza Gamal El Din


Cell Phone: +201026676877

Ahmed Monier


Cell phone: +201222184454

Islam El Kady


Cell phone: +2010031279

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